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  1. Aranos says:
    Jun 13,  · ()> the school and cranmore mountain made this special day - even more unforgettable than the tumultous end to these seniors' high school careers - as they rode chairlifts to the top .
  2. Taubar says:
    The top of a mountain is called its peak. It is also called a summit, so mountain-climbers call getting to the top “summiting.” Base. The base of a mountain is where it meets flat or only gently sloped ground. The height of a mountain is measured from sea level rather than from its base. Snow line.
  3. Zujas says:
    Oct 15,  · Few could bear the mountain’s dangerously erratic temper. Nor can one find a place big and comfy enough to entertain friends with extravagant meals as one can at Fabyan’s, a warm, hospitable restaurant at the base of the mountain. Nor is there anything at the top, really — except for the fleeting moments of the views of the far horizon.
  4. Vusho says:
    On Top is another of probably many compilations by Mountain. I picked it up as a cassette in Oklahoma back in the mid-nineties and just burned it to cassette to get rid of those cassettes. The audio quality isn’t the best but good enough/5(3).
  5. Mezitaxe says:
    A mountain is a landform that rises prominently above its surroundings, generally exhibiting steep slopes, a relatively confined summit area, and considerable local relief. Mountains generally are understood to be larger than hills, but the term has no standardized geological meaning. Very rarely.
  6. Tojashicage says:
    'On the mountain' and 'on the mountains' means 'on top of' [EDIT: better explanation, 'on the surface of' - see comments below], like goats or trees or snow. One house can also be 'on a mountain' but not 'on the mountains' (unless it's a really big house!) 'In the mountains' means 'among/in between the .
  7. Arashijas says:
    Jun 13,  · students at kennett high school picked up their diplomas on top of cranmore mountain. the seniors and their guests took the 10 minute ride up the chairlift. at the top.
  8. Zuluk says:
    A sweeping war romance for anyone. Anthony Minghella’s epic romance drama Cold Mountain () recreates the harsh realities of The Civil War and finds warmth on Cold Mountain .

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