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  1. Shashura says:
    Jun 14,  · reverence (third-person singular simple present reverences, present participle reverencing, simple past and past participle reverenced) To show or feel reverence to. Synonyms: honour, venerate; Translations.
  2. JoJokinos says:
    Reverence typically looks like a bow or curtsy, and it is the last exercise of a ballet class, in which the ballet dancers pay respect to and acknowledge the teacher and accompanist.
  3. Jugar says:
    “His reverence is taking his after-dinner nap and may not be disturbed,” said the man. He drew off: and then ran into the highest professions of reverence and affection for you. It was to her the revelation of a heart, and she saw with reverence. As for his marvellous power, I shall bless it and reverence .
  4. Meran says:
    Reverence arrives as the follow-up to 's Ire-Parkway Drive's most successful album to date and a major force in boosting their ever-growing worldwide following. Like each album released since the band formed in , Ire has been certified gold in their homeland of Australia; it also helped fuel their recent dominance at European festivals /5().
  5. Vujora says:
    rev·er·ent (rĕv′ər-ənt) adj. Marked by, feeling, or expressing reverence. [Middle English, from Old French, from Latin reverēns, reverent-, present participle of reverērī, to revere; see revere1.] rev′er·ent·ly adv. reverent (ˈrɛvərənt; ˈrɛvrənt) adj feeling, expressing, or characterized by reverence .
  6. Mezigor says:
    REVERENCE. rev'-er-ens: In the Old Testament, "reverence" occurs as the translation of two Hebrew words, yare' and shachah. The root idea of the former is "fear.".
  7. Baran says:
    Some common synonyms of reverence are adore, revere, venerate, and worship. While all these words mean "to honor and admire profoundly and respectfully," reverence presupposes an intrinsic merit and inviolability in the one honored and a similar depth of feeling in the one honoring. reverenced the academy's code of honor.
  8. Branris says:
    reverence Natural philosophy was supposed to lead to moral virtue, to modesty and religious reverence. From Cambridge English Corpus He fears that the result will be a language that will reduce 'truth, .
  9. Goltizragore says:
    Reverence for someone or something is a feeling of great respect for them.

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