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  1. Fauramar says:
    Local Salem magistrate and was chosen by Governor Sir William Phips to be a judge in the Salem Witch Trials. They were also both judges in the court during the trials, Hathorne was initially a judge and Corwin became a judge after Saltonstall resigned due to the use of spectral evidence. They both accepted the use of this evidence in the trials.
  2. Fenrilabar says:
    In Spain national conference of inquisitors dismissed authority of Malleus, 44, cases of spiritual crimes, not a single death sentence for witchcraft, Last dutch burning , last death sentence in france , england , america , scotland , germany .
  3. Fauzuru says:
    Jun 25,  · , Trial of the Witch, a song by Gothic Knights on Spotify. , Trial of the Witch. Featured on Reflections from the Other Side. More by Gothic Knights. Up from the Ashes. More Gothic Knights. Listen to Gothic Knights now. Listen to Gothic Knights Music Duration: 6 min.
  4. Vitaur says:
    The Salem Witch Trials Of Essay Words | 9 Pages. The Salem Witchcraft Trials of were a dark time in American history. There were many possible causes of the Salem Witch Trials. A few major causes that led to the Salem Witch Trials were religion, reputations, and lack of laws.
  5. Telmaran says:
    The earliest trials of the s focused almost exclusively on poor, older women. In the early trials of Wiesensteig and Rothenburg, 95 to % of the accused fit this stereotype. As the witch hunts progressed and the accused were tortured to name other witches, more and more men and upper class people were implicated (Midelfort ).
  6. Taurisar says:
    The Yankee is Loved by Spirits in the Other World. (WN) The Witch Who Once Was Called A Saint, (WN) The Knight Leader, a Ghost, and My Amulet (WN) Completed Translations. Isekai Mahou wa Okureteru! Gaiden (WN) I, a Witch, am Requested by My Crush to Make Him a Love Potion (WN) The Day I Disappeared (WN) The Day I Found Her (WN).
  7. Zolosar says:
    Technically not a Witchcraft Trial, but rather an accused witch bringing suit against four people for slandering her. However, it appears that Joan Mitchell had long been accused. (Sources: Maryland Archives, Charles County Court Proceedings () Parke, Frances Neal "Witchcraft in Maryland", Maryland Historical Magazine (Dec ) p.
  8. Gunris says:
    The accused witch served as an example to other women as to how they would be treated if they did as she did. This, of course, helped enforce new moral and religious codes (Ibid ). For this reason, witch hunting can be viewed as one of the most public and effective forms of social control to evolve in Early Modern Europe (Ibid 64).

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