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  1. Sharan says:
    Orpheus was a son of Oeagrus and Calliope, who was the muse of epic poetry. Orpheus was a very gifted musician trained by the god of music, Apollo, himself. His music was so beautiful and sweet that it charmed many wild beasts, made trees sob, and even created an entrance to the Underworld itself. He fell in love with and married Eurydice, a daughter of Apollo.
  2. Mamuro says:
    Compilation of tracks from the 4 Orpheus LPs Tracks to taken from "Orpheus" LP. Recorded October , Bell Sound Studios, NYC, except remixed November , Nola Studios, NYC. Tracks to and to from "Orpheus Ascending" LP. Recorded May , Mayfair Studios, NYC Tracks to from "Orpheus Joyful" LP/5(6).
  3. Akinorg says:
    1st Prize: 10 Orpheus Music Publications, lizard postcards, Orpheus pen & bag, 3 Orpheus CD. 2nd Prize: 5 Orpheus Music Publications, lizard postcards, Orpheus pen & bag, 2 Orpheus CD. 3rd Prize.
  4. Kazirg says:
    A group of talented college kids got together down on the Cape and formed a group that finally ended up known as "Orpheus." I lived in southern NH and I am sad to say that few of my contemporaries knew who Orpheus was but I still have the vinyl album, from which I made a tape. Now I am happy to have it on CD!/5(26).
  5. Mezisar says:
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  6. Arar says:
    Orpheus' self-titled debut album, released at the end of (and not to be confused with their fourth LP, which was also self-titled, but was released in on Bell), is a curious piece mixing lightweight pop with heavyweight gukusgardamuroariufym.xyzinfogh Orpheus was pegged as part of the Bosstown sound, which largely consisted of psychedelic or heavy rock bands, and although some of the members were.
  7. Mazuzahn says:
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  8. Melabar says:
    Orpheus is born to renew the field of music recording and digital audio with highly innovative proposals, through the synergy of multiple services.

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