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  1. Mazugami says:
    Spacek, meanwhile, worked with the late J Dilla and was also a third of the group Spacek, who produced sexy, sleek soul – best heard on their album Curvatia. So Africa Hitech was always a.
  2. Vudolabar says:
    The band consists of Steve Spacek (bassist, vocalist, and head songwriter), guitarist Edmund Cavill, and former MC Morgan Zarate on drums. Working out of Steve Spacek's own Clapham studio, the group started to cause quite a stir amongst DJs during the latter half of , when a white label of their first single, "Eve", made the rounds.
  3. Zologami says:
    Moogukora at May 21, · Categorizing Spacek's heavily anticipated debut as trip-hop would be inaccurate to an extent, because it truly realizes Steve Spacek's desire to "bring soul music and R&B up to date." Then again, despite the fully formed song-based nature of these 11 tracks, Curvatia throws a few too many sonic curveballs into the mix, all of which are subtle, heavy on.
  4. Kigaktilar says:
    Lately, a few noteworthy British musicians are becoming less obsessed with mimicking their American counterparts and finding inspiration in their own cultu.
  5. Feran says:
    The group released its debut album, Curvatia in , followed by 's Vintage Hi-Tech. Although primarily performing electronic music, the group also fuses elements of R&B, hip hop, trip hop, broken beat and soul into its anomalistic soundbed. Steve Spacek is brother to UK drum and bass artist dBridge. Biography
  6. Gardataxe says:
    Hadouk CD music UK limited edition of London based dance act's debut album. If Air ever decided to go r&b, expect them to sound not unlike the low frequency, sonic oddity that is 'Curvatia'. 11 tracks including the first single, 'Eve' & the.
  7. Vudot says:
    A pesar de todas sus virtudes, el nivel de las composiciones no alcanzan la excelencia de "Curvatia". "Space Shift" (), el debut como solista de Steve White -editado bajo el alias de Steve Spacek-, es otro disco destacable aunque bastante más predecible que los registrados junto a su banda. Track List: Inside Eve Getaway
  8. Nikozil says:
    Spacek ~ Group Overview; Releases; Recordings; Works; Events; Relationships; Aliases; Tags; Details; Edit.

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