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  1. Akizilkree says:
    Scripture must first be our guide when evaluating a young man’s desire for pastoral ministry (1 Tim. –7; Titus –9; 1 Pet. –4).This blueprint needs to then be evaluated by the young man’s desire for the work (internal calling), and then by the pastors and congregation of his local church (external calling).
  2. Tegal says:
    Pastors who have the big responsibility of pastoring a small church will find it helpful and perhaps life-changing. --Steven D. Mathewson, Senior Pastor, CrossLife Evangelical Free Church, Libertyville, IL Pastoring the Small Church is a reminder that the insights of a small church pastor can carry just as much credibility, if not more. --John Reviews: 5.
  3. Arashitaur says:
    The leadership of the church was worn, the members restless. And I was young. I had graduated two years earlier from a seminary with a progressive, nontraditional approach to ministry.
  4. Goltikus says:
    Mar 10,  · In fact, there are at least four situations when it is good for a church to prefer you leave. It is good that a church wants you gone if 1. The pastor preaches a health-and-wealth prosperity “gospel.” The so-called prosperity gospel isn’t just an abhorrent theology, but it is also used to abuse families experiencing disability.
  5. Mushura says:
    Apr 12,  · When I read your words, I felt imparted with wisdom, as a young preacher, many people look up to me in and out of my country,am mentoring thousands of people in the field of Homiletics and Theoly, my Spirit father hardly meets with me unless we have one conference we are both preaching at, although everybody fills I don’t need mentorship anymore I fell I need more of it, with my proggramme.
  6. Sacage says:
    The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale Daily Devotions: 7 Days of Bible Devotions to Strengthen Your Faith Angel Sightings: 7 Inspirational Stories About Everyday Angels on Earth.
  7. Arasho says:
    (9) Creates a situation where one person, the Pastor, can turn a doctrinally sound church into a heretical church overnight. Having multiple elders, while not providing absolute immunity from doctrinal error, is a powerful check against heretical teaching.
  8. Yozshusho says:
    The church office is the least favorite location for sermon preparation. Pastors have learned that being in the church office means you are available at a whim to church members. Many pastors share stories of how, in the eyes of some church members, preparing a sermon in your office means you have time to chat for a few minutes or an hour.

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