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  1. Voodoohn says:
    A performance chip sets new parameters for the functions of your choosing, such as telling your car's engine to use gas slightly more efficiently, or to intake more air for a bigger combustion. Installation is easy and DIY -- once you acquaint yourself with your car's electronics, simply take out the factory chip and plug in the new one, just.
  2. Yozshukinos says:
    Mar 07,  · The Ford Mustang is arguably the most popular vehicle for the do-it-yourself tuner. Ford refers to its PCM as an EEC, or electronic engine control. Starting with the California specification, and state versions, the Mustang has been equipped with a mass air, sequential EFI system. Other truck and passenger car applications soon followed .
  3. Goltirr says:
    -Set your cam very low or to 0. High end power may be lacking but you’ll exceed in the low end.-With the turbo, play with all the values but try to keep the turbo small or the A/R ratio low. Having both too low will absolutely kill higher end power and maybe the lower end too. Play with it until your comfortable.
  4. Dubar says:
    Powerstroke Tuners and Programmers Add power and performance, custom tunes, dpf delete tunes (off road), and much more. The Powerstroke tuners feature the best performance programming and gauge inputs giving you digital readouts for many different parameters.
  5. Gajin says:
    If you still have the laptop attached to the LM-1, you can also maximize the LogWorks Monitor display and see your car’s Air/Fuel, RPM, Vacuum and Acceleration while the car’s running – handy if you’re tuning the idle in the garage or riding along in the passenger seat while someone else drives your car (on the dyno or on the street).
  6. Shaktizilkree says:
    Mar 07,  · An engine that would otherwise lose volumetric efficiency near 6, rpm may now continue to develop useful power to 6, rpm or higher. This is due to the ever-increasing manifold pressure overcoming the loss of ram tuning effectiveness. When peak load is reached at high engine speed, more timing must be pulled to avoid knock.
  7. Dakinos says:
    Apr 27,  · In the other direction, extreme heat puts your engine that much closer to overheating, and your cooling system must be on its best game to keep up. High Times. One of the more surprising outside factors that influence engine performance, is altitude. As you rise above sea level, air density decreases, meaning there’s less oxygen in the mix on.
  8. Dalkree says:
    The best tuners and programmers for the Powerstroke give power and performance from a simple 5 minute download. Featuring custom tunes for bigger injectors and performance modifications.
  9. Faejas says:
    It is important to check your car, and tune it for higher altitudes before driving through the mountains. Step 1. According to High Altitude and Auto Care, the first course of action inn getting your car tuned for high altitudes is to do a basic tune up. Change the spark .

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